ArtStudio for iPad 4.2 | 160種類のブラシとグリッドやガイドライン表示ツール追加。アンドゥボタンの位置変更が可能に





Jot Touch関連では、筆圧感知設定がスライダーからボタンに変更。

バージョン 4.2 の新機能
– added GUIDELINES feature (available from top menu: View->Guidelines…)
– added Grid feature (View->Grid…)
– added 160 new brushes – included in brush pack 1, so they are free if you already bought Brush Pack 1
– added opacity and spacing sliders to Smudge tool
– added FAQ (ArtStudio->FAQ) – please read it asap!
– number of color swatches increased from 24 to 36
– added option to disable tap-and-hold color picker
– added option to disable aim when using “drawing offset”
– added possibility to swap undo/redo icons with favorites/layers icons in bottom toolbar
– added loading of colors when opening project from old ArtStudio
– added link to forum, manual, twitter in top menu
– eyedropper sample mode is stored in saved file
– improved quality of brushes preview in tool options
– “buy brushes” option has been removed from “tool settings”, so it is available now only in ArtStudio->Store
– if color is close to white, brush preview background is dark
– fixed few small bugs in symmetry drawing
– fixed clone tools when source layer is different than current layer
– fixed crashing when fill start point is outside the canvas
– fixed problem with resize when “keep ratio” is disabled
– fixed crashes in saving when active tool was Eyedropper
– fixed undo/redo when adding new text
– fixed importing of grayscale images
– few other small bugs fixed

ArtStudio for iPad – 描画、ペイントそして写真の編集 (5.16)
開発:Lucky Clan