Procreate 4.0.10リリース | 「取り消し」機能が動作しないなどの不具合修正を含むアップデート



We’re fast approaching some really exciting releases. This is one last stop to pick up the new iPad, and keep your engines running smoothly.

Sometimes your safety features would fail you and Undo would stop working. It’s important to us that you feel safe.

Layers sometimes merged without looking, losing layer opacity and layer masks. We’ve taught them to check their mirrors.

Inserted images will no longer cause corrupted or blank exports.

If you quit the app while within a document the Gallery thumbnail will still update.

Like a child forgotten at sports practice, inserted image layers were occasionally left behind in imported PSDs. We promise it won’t happen again. Yes, we can stop for icecream.
> Galleries jammed with artworks will now load as fast as that really fast car you like, instead of another slow kind of car that you don’t like.

Big things in the pasteboard won’t cause roadblocks in Create Canvas.

We’re working on some hot modifications to Procreate, and can’t wait to greatly enhance your ride. We’d love to hear about your journey so far, so please leave a review on the App Store.


  • 「取り消し」機能が動作しない不具合修正
  • レイヤーを結合したときに不透明度やマスクが失われる表示された状態を参照しない不具合の修正
  • 読み込んだイメージが出力時に失われるなどの不具合修正
  • ギャラリーの画面で作品サムネイルが正確にアップデートされるように修正